split screen weekend

this past weekend was so wonderful and relaxing.
you can't beat a weekend like that.

like 500 days of summer, i am going to show the perspective of our weekend from jack, then from me according to the photos left on my phone.

jack {she better hurry. i'm giving her three minutes}

jack {here kitty kitty at the beach house. sure wish i could let it in}

 jack {my mom just woke up and we are cuddled up on the hammock}

jack {view from where i stand on the stairs playing pass with brady at the baby blessing's house}

jack {view from where i stand with my mama at the beach. she's cold}

jack {drive}

jack {still driving}

jack {whoa, still driving.}

jack {i'm so bored but i'm keepin' busy}

jack {oh you like this face?}

jack {here's another}

take your child to work for an hour day!
maybe give him a haircut?! sure, why not.

the boys playing on the hammock before we grab dinner

the next morning eating breakfast next to the fireplace, all wrapped up!

sitting next to my babe at my feet. he's trying to grab my phone.



enough of his smile.

leaving the beach house right when it started to rain hard.

drive back up north. sleeping like an angel.

after church, baby blessing lunch and onto salt creek park!

gorgeous day!
we had the whole place to ourselves.

the boys playing soccer!
such dapper sweets.

while brady napped, we played down at the beach :)

skipped some rocks

found some special rocks

ran more

wrote numbers in the sand

and walked some more.

such a memorable weekend either side you look at.
loved it all and would love to put them on constant repeat.


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