halloween leftovers

as if me talking about halloween wasn't enough already... i guess not.
i still have a mouthfull and/or pictures to record.

not too big of a fan of leftovers but whatev! sometimes the fun things in life need to be recorded or else like jack says, "we will foget it mama!" so true. so wise.

this picture describes how i felt after halloween.
jack's night-light, a write-able mug, his candy. busy busy and they all needed places to go.

jack drew this picture for us on halloween. cute! he drew another one but gave it to brady of the three of us. what a stinkin' cutie. i should have been a traditional witch.
this is a picture of where i take my breaks at work. so relaxing.

the other day i came home to jack being so excited to show me something... this.

totally wrote our names on my pillow case. i couldn't even think of getting upset. i laughed. then bleached it that night ;)
edward and bella

have you ever tried potato candy?
homemade. this stuff is the best and gluten-free

the other day i was in a huge rush to drop jack off in time. i needed to sign his homework and didn't have a pen. i did however, have a eyeliner pencil. i bet his teacher rolled her eyes when she saw this.

at dan's farewell. all the doctors there.

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