spiderman in 'da house

{i have to apologize, all pictures lately have been taken with my iphone 4. i'll get my nicer one fixed someday. bear with my fuzzies}

weather - it's raining.
your child wants to get out but you both forgot your umbrellas.
you both have the sweetest teeth and barely food in your bellies.
a good flick is in your laptop which happens to be in your car.
your son is also dressed as his favorite superhero.
you have a few minutes left to burn in the night.
nearest golden spoon.
best flavors of the season.
warmest seats in the back of the car.
stretch out those arms for some pictures and try not to get your arm shadow and throw in some milk mustaches to make one of the best nights of your adult and child's life. ta-daa!

so happy about this spur-of-the-moment, moment.
PS he told everyone that night at golden spoon that those were his real muscles.

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Amanda Castleberry Photography said...

yay! I love being able to come to your blog and listen to music from your playlist while I edit! :) Such good tunes!


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