sir jax

so this is the result of letting your son play with your phone while you drive. he also purchased $31.50 worth of aps during this time. :)

jack really knows how to move. no idea where he learned it from :)
alright fine.
i blame the media.
michael jackson's thriller inspired him and now he just can't seem to stop.
it also doesn't help that i dance every time music comes on.

story of the month:
i am doing a series of acid peels to help my skin just be normal.
it's making my skin break out and look funky.
he saw me on the worst day and says this:

"mom, i was watching spongebob the other day and on the commerical there is this one orange bottle called OFF. you spray it, and poof, it gets rid of bug bites. O, F, F. gone. you should spray it on your face so the bugs don't get you anymore."

for reals. no filter. straight up truth from the mouth of my babe.

i asked him what he wanted to be when he grows up when we were on a boat the other day. he replied with, "mom, i want to be everything and anything. that way i can help everyone and be there for everyone and not miss out on anything."

so many absolutes and sweet thoughtful forget-me-nots i wanted to hold him forever and never let him grow. that moment could repeat in my head forever.

the other day jackson asked me why i decided to spell his name
J - A - C - K - S - O - N.
he said it takes him so long to write it.
he asked me if i could change it to save him time.
i asked him what to change it to.
he said, "J - A - X" and then continued with,
"it would make my life more simple"

oh, oh okay little man.
five going on twenty-five.

here are some of his latest works on white paper - 11 x '13 with crayola washables.

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