jackson was with his dad for 11 days.  those 11 days were harder than i thought they would be.  he had his normal time with him and then his dad took more time than scheduled.  there wasn't a time of the day jackson wasn't in my thoughts and prayers.  i remember one night coming home to see his empty bed and just lost it.  no mother should be away from their child for that long.

i picked jackson up from those LONG eleven days at the airport.  i had butterflies as i approached the curb.  he saw me and came running up with the biggest smile.  i tried to stay strong and not show how much emotion i had.  he can't know how much i missed him.  i had five red balloons tied to a jack-o-lantern lollipop.  i hugged and kissed him so much for the remainder of that night.  i cuddled him to sleep and then came back to his bed to give him a dozen little kisses several times.

it feels so nice to have him home.  he brings such a sweetness to everyone's lives.  i am so grateful for my sweet little jackson.

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Skye said...

you are such an adorable mom. i recently discovered we are expecting our first child which is extremely exciting! the little one is due in early april. the way you love jack inspires me and makes me even more thrilled to have a child :)


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