things i'm digging lately

these little cheeses are so fun to eat. you get to unwrap them, pull apart the lever and viola! cheese! i eat them for that mere fact of fun over taste. 45 cal as the commercial says, right?
totally into putting my arms inside my sweaters.
you feel so young doing it.
so many wins.
warmth, youth and happiness.
so someone gave my friend t
his water.
i dig it!
it tastes exactly like real water but it's black.
as yo gabba gabba says, "try it, you'll like it!"

this is my view at work.
i love going outside to double take at this beauty.
this magazine!
bring it on busy wedding season!
you can make free calls, texts anywhere in the world for whomever has this.
oh, it's great.
all of these books.
so i'm 14 sometimes, what? :)

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