things of interest lately

everyone likes these posts. i love these posts.
here is what i'm into these days:

this water is the best.
it makes every part of my body feel right.
it is pH balanced and undoes all the bad food and drinks we put into our bodies.
i try to drink one a day. or sometimes one in the morning and one at night.

there is a new market in town that sells gluten-free bread.
which means i devoured this sandwich in ten minutes.  it was my first sandwich since may!
the bread was so thick it took me two bites to get through each bite-section.

life water really is my treat liquid.
sure it's fake sugar but that pear flavor or the macintosh, uh, it gets me every time.
they were on sale. i grabbed 5 without a basket and walked right to the register with a big smile.

i would never claim that i am creative or great at much but being useful of what i have is what i can give myself some credit for.  i made my friend's bag for her birthday dinner out of a ripped out empty journal page, a sticker i had, cardboard from one of jack's presents and then took sewing pins to hold it together. i had more excitement making this rather than giving her the gift or watching her open it.
being creative with playdates with jack.
he is only young once, right?

my friend swears by putting a tiny bit of this on her face and then swallowing a teaspoon in her water in the morning.  she has perfect skin.  

making homemade spaghetti squash.  
it's so fun and healthy to make.

yarn balls for decorating.
oh anthropolgie.
{picture lynzee took of me by eplove}
organizing jack's craynons.
he is a little artist and my friend had her crayons organized in mason jars {picture here}
so i copied her.  it's amazing to see how many crayons your child acquires in five years.

guys, i'm addicted to pinkberry. every flavor is too good.
peanut butter tastes just like it should. 
rat free :)

planning and putting parties together.
being project oriented, this keeps me busy. 

adding flaxseed to everything.
even pancakes.

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Skye said...

rat free....i will never forget your story about that. it has made peanut butter slightly traumatizing :)


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