as of late.

we have been busy busy lately.
here is a bit of this and that.

have you seen the "june" chanel nail polish?
if you are simple and like little thrills, this will do it for you.

my cute friends had their 20th anniversary.
they wanted to go to new york but couldn't get the time off from work from his work at the firm so i told them i had their kids while they spent the day on a bike ride, massages and dinner.
the kids and i decorated their room! so fun!

convincing this kid that the green goblin has something to do with this drink is awesome.

did you know hairspray gets rid of static?  no more dress sticking to your legs days.

i bought these pants at urban outfitters around christmas for $5 because they are super tall and the size is 25 so they probably don't look right but i haven't quite figured out the color until this epiphany. 

meet my boyfriend jude. 
we flirted the whole lunch at nordstrom cafe. i shared my straw with him, he shared it back.
we are going to see each other real soon.

jackers went to his favorite place!
the dentist.
who woulda thought he would love this place.
no cavities but this kid needs to floss even if he has major gaps in between.
so fun!

notice the clothes i have behind that bag?
my workout clothes.
i didn't end up working out.
i just worked up my appetite for this.
oh but it was so good.  ice de leche is back! 

1 lovely notes:

Meredith Hayes said...

I love seeing my baby on your blog because it meant I just got to see you! And I love that nail polish. It is perfect on you. We need to get together again ASAP!!


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