so there is a little story i would like to share.
it is of a boy who has a lot of love to give but no sibling to share it with...
so he really wants a pet.

we have been through goldfish, beta, after beta after beta and to no avail, they continue to live as long as a bouquet of roses.  so an animal he wants, an animal he gets... i thought.
we went to the local pet store but all they had were fish.
the next day we went to another not-so-local pet store and discovered they had more.
 after holding a guinea pig, he liked it but wasn't too impressed.  victoria at petco told us about a little hamster that needed to be adopted because he had an eye problem.  we took him in. eye problem, schmye problem.  it was love at first nibble as jack would describe.  "nibbles" was a dwarf hamster with cataracts in his right eye.  in other words; he was free so in even more words; if he doesn't make it, there are no refunds.

the next morning, he asked for pancakes.
i add sprinkles in the shape of a hamster.  
hamster this, hamster that... life has transformed into being this hamster's papa.
he showed him off to his friends.
he bey-bladed nibbles to and fro.

hours after this picture (above was taken)
i found nibbles laying on his back... sorry for this one....
nibbles passed on.
what?!  hamsters live six days? 
jack cried.
i wanted to cry.
after soliciting advice from brady on what to do for burial, 
we took nibs to bury him with jack's friend jane.

 jack blessed where nibbles now lays.  they decorated his little site and carefully laid him down to rest.
sad story but a good lesson he learned about life.

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jenn (+ will) said...

oh that is so sad!!!!!!!


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