mother's day weekend

just getting around to recording my mother's day weekend...
so saturday it started out with a proposed 6-mile-run along a trail i know well but it stopped when i realized i'm out of shape!  who knew taking a break from running would make my simple runs hard.  sheesh.
i worked,
and then drove up to los angeles to have a surprise date brady had planned for me.
the moment i got to his house he took me in his car and brought me to our favorite spot in pacific palisades.  he had a picnic all planned out.  edamamne roasted just the way we like it, strawberry poppy seed salad that he prepared for us and salmon that was so delicious!  he brought out his hammock and rose petals happened to be there as well as a perfect weather night at the beach.  it was a romantic and fun night with him.  
brady makes the best eggs, hands down.  so he made some for me and justin.  
i'm allergic to too many things including cheese and forgot to remind him but ate it because i didn't want to tell him.  they looked too perfect.  
i had a nice stomach ache for a few hours but i didn't mind because i had the chance to watch one of my favorite movies on my side. 

church was cute, all the men sang to the women.  
after getting back in the car, brady surprised me with this plant!  last mother's day he gave me a bonsai plant in a similar way so that was cute.  
i am really going to try my best to keep this one out of the plant rehab.
brady made dinner again! i know right?  so sweet. i was spoiled.  he is a sweetheart.

 i finally got jackson back and got a few snuggles out of him for the remainder of mother's day!

{he so wanted to take this picture...}

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