you betcha

age five is full of grasping onto the world around him and jack telling me all about it.
i have some pictures to tell ya all about his world, according to what jacksays_
picture 1:
we are doing his homework together.
he is telling me about how he wants to do well in school so he can get good grades...
and so then he can get into a good college...
so then he can have a good job...
and then he will make a lot of money...
so that he can afford a HUGE backyard so that his daughter and son can have a cat and dog.

 picture 2:
not even distracted.
motivated by money.
picture 3:
doing insanity video.
45 minutes into it.
when he was finished, he asked me to rub his fuzzy buzzed head to see how sweaty it was.
then he wanted to do another hour video and then asked for me to make broccoli and fruit for dinner since he wanted to grow healthy.

picture 4:
i come home to him telling me he had something for me in his ziplock...
its 8 caterpillars 

picture 5:
all for me in hopes they turn into pretty butterflies by mother's day.
so sweet.

1 lovely notes:

meredith c. said...

Butterflies for mothers day!!!?? Oh my gosh that is tooo much. Love you and Jack.


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