summer is almost here!

the weather has been amazing.  
cannot wait for summer to get here. 
here are some quick pictures from my phone of the summer-y things we have been up to...

snow cones at aliso creek beach!
there is a little snack cafe there now.  they have remodeled this beach since when i was kid.

we love the baseball fields by our house.  
we play there almost every week with family and friends. 

elise and i went to get our nails done...
elise doesn't like her feet being scrubbed.
we went to the wrong nail spa and had the rudest girls but laughed about it in the end.

little jack was sick for a few days. 
i set him up on my floor to watch tangled and he thought it was the coolest thing to do when he is sick.

my little sister is selling $3 rings to support her trip to costa rica to help the kids there.
if you are interested in one, send her an email and she will send them to you...
{lundquistbt (at) gmail.com}

jack's recent flight to san francisco was delayed.
we used our time wisely as you can see.

a little dip before bed is alright with me!

my adorable friend sara lives in sunset beach and is getting married.
i played with her hair to see what we will be doing the big day, talked about plans and she was so amazing...
she made me a gluten-free meal she never tried before.

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