bree's high school graduation aloha party

my youngest sister bree is going to college in hawaii!
she is so excited to get on her own and conquer the world.  
before she leaves, she sold her babysitting company, is traveling to costa rica, fiji and a few trips to utah, wyoming and probably somewhere else i'm missing.
she has the lundquist bug in her -- work for herself, figure out ways to be successful and work hard.  she really has by making/selling her her accessories she made, her random knives business, a certified yoga instructor and owning her babysitting business all well getting straight A's.  we are all so proud of her and the things she will accomplish in life.

okay, so back to the party -- jack was the only young one there so i had him dress himself 
"everything hawaii"
then i knew he would be bored so i kept him busy with these stickers.
his job was to put these stickers on people's backs while they weren't looking.
he loved this idea.

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