dodgers game!

the other night our friends invited brady, jackson and me, to the dodgers game!
i picked up brady straight from the hospital and we went straight to the stadium...
with jack pumped for a game.
mitt, stickers, colors, and ready to catch the ball.

this was jackson's first baseball game at the dodgers stadium.

brade bought us garlic fries, jack a pretzel, sodas and a dodger dog for brady.
we brought some of our favorite candies for everyone.

we all encouraged jack to keep his mitt out, just in case the ball came our way.

he also got on the jumbo tron, for his amazing dance moves.
this kid has the robot down, the irish jig and his "awesome dance" to a fine art. 
he had a little audience behind him watching him dance every time music came on.
i have nothing to do with it...
okay fine, maybe i taught him a few steps or two, but he really picked up most moves from my 
encouragement to dance when music comes on.  


whenever we go to the dodgers game, the city puts on another show after looking so lit up and pretty.

jack wanted a picture as well, next to a special parking sign but i smudged it out to not offend.

such a good night!
dodgers still got whooped by the brewers but we love baseball so it was fun regardless.

1 lovely notes:

jaybs said...

Melissa! Jackson just seems to get more cuter! by the day, you must be so Proud of Him! that smile of his as I say Melts Me! and gives me such a warm feeling and a smile rips across my face!


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