hollywood: LACMA + EL CAPITAN

brady always has the cutest ideas for us to do.
he really wanted to take jack to see the Disney movie BRAVE, so he planned for us to spend time in hollywood. 

we first grabbed some food at our favorite place.

then my handsome boys walked to the car and we went to get tickets.

we bought the tickets and then walked down the sidewalks for a moment until brady thought it would be fun to go to the LACMA and walk around.  so smart.

i absolutely love this picture. 
brady is behind him, chasing him around these pillars.

"this is just like little nemo!" says jack.

brade composed a series of faces for jack to make while i snapped a few

handsome boy that looks so grown up here!

not too sure what we were doing here, but clearly jack is awesome in each.

jack took these and even said, "brady, kiss my mom"

the movie was incredible to watch here! the sound system was brand new so the scary bear parts kept us alert (scared).  the lady that worked there gave jack a bucket of popcorn that had a brave sign on it.  he still carries it around with him everywhere.

thanks brade for the fun date!  we love you!

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