justin DDS graduation

two weeks ago justin graduated from UCLA dental school.  we gathered close friends and his parents to celebrate him and his great accomplishments!  cute lauren made us a huge dinner of funeral potatoes, ham, green beans, cupcakes and glass bottled coke.  jack loved the building we sat in but didn't love that it was a long ceremony so i came stacked with fruit snacks and coloring.  such a great accomplishment justin!

we hung around their house for a little bit and then drove down to manhattan beach to enjoy the rest of the beautiful day outside.

jack is telling us all about how he wants to be a cowboy

we played catch for hours

caught jack talking to the lifeguard.. asking him loads of questions like...
"what is the temp of the water?"
"how long do you work everyday?"
"do you have to wear red?"
"have you ever seen a great white shark?" .."oh i have... no not really but i draw them all the time."

brady caught this one of us playing at the shore, catching sand crabs

 then, jack had wet jeans. wet jeans, plus sand is a no no in his book. so we came to solutions...

brady's belt and his UCLA blanket all swaddled up.

all wrapped up like a burritto and all uphill!  he wrapped him up so warm and tight that jack fell asleep on our drive back home in the backseat!  it was perfect timing since it was close to his bedtime and time for us to head home but carrying his 55 pound body out of my car into his bed and changing him into pajamas was a task and a half.

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