as jackson said it best,
"this is the best day ever!"
friday really was. 
brady has mellowed out with his rotations at the hospital so he can take the whole day off if he wants to.
friday he did and we loved it.
he came early in the morning so we played tennis while jack was in school.
he totally whooped me. i didn't doubt he would.
we headed to laguna beach for a day of activities.

bonsai bowls
woods cove

this was the farthest that jackson has ever been out in the water. 
we took him out (brady is under the water in this picture)
i was enamoured by how brave he was being!
he wanted to surf but this break wasn't saying so.
so we found alternatives of making a bench decorated with san castles.
(ugh my feet. sorry. i'm not a feet person but this picture had character)

we played the good 'ole game of whiffle ball.
brady had him run to the water every time he hit the ball far and so he would run as fast as he could to the shore!  it was pretty funny watching jack run back and try not to get tagged by either of us!

then they both went out in the water together.
jack is a little monkey and will jump on a back and latch on tight.  he wanted to go as far as possible.

all cleaned up and we walked around PCH.
the boys had to get their pizza and i had to get my whole bow at active culture.
we sat at oak and watched the stand up paddle boarders.

it was such a fun day!

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likeschocolate said...

Jealous! Love the beach! My husband is interving for a job in California. Kind of excited though the house prices are outrageous. I miss being close to the beach!


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