flightless weekend

this past weekend was another good one.
at the closing of the week, i met the boys at the baseball field - right field to be exact.
in brady's shoes. did ya know i can fit in my boyfriend's shoes?  okay not completely but almost.
just call me big-foot-melis.
we searched all over LA for the perfect, open field and found it.
security waved, we were good.

justin is leaving soon so we are soaking up every minute free with him.

the lazy side of me came out when i realized i had emails to write back, my big feet to lift up and plans of thinking about sitting out the rest of our three-person ball game. so the dug-out i went and the dug out i stayed... watching these sweets play catch and field balls.

all until they had me hit a few balls. 
none of them left in-field but it was still sweet to see how patient brady was to throw them to me.

i played dodged ball for the remainder of the practice!

LA is reall growing on me. i'll tell you that.

thursday night i went on a run in laguna beach without checking the tides.
this is how it looked when i started before sunset...

and this was my return back...
i was running on rocks and almost swimming back. 
kind of fun though.
there are perks to being spontaneous.  tonight wouldn't be the case, but i still believe in the perks.

elise and drew went out of town so i told them i would watch little lady, their puggle.

i was gone for about six hours one day and came home to this...
an article of my clothing - gone. shredded.
along with a bunch of other items of my clothes, scattered.
such a rascal.

friday night, brady and i went to movies in the park!  it was so fun!
we brought blankets, lady and watched tangled!  one of our favorite disney movies.

sunday morning i made brady and his roommates some lunch. 
father's day is a day to celebrate fathers and potential fathers, so we did just that.

i'm so grateful for my dad and my brother.
there are times i have to play both roles of a mother and a father so these two are continually strong examples for me to follow of leadership, loyalty and love for our family. 
it was a great father's day relaxing with pops.

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