a life without art, is no life at all

there has been some artistic things going on around our 'hood.

i was invited to another hair extention line for taped-in-extentions
from a salon interested in hiring me.  
it was a great class with the rep from their company being proficient and useful of our time with her.
we all practiced on the model and i must say, it is my new favorite line.

so guess what was hand-delivered to us?
the one and only scrabble game!
we all ordered the typography edition of scrabble drew made and it was like christmas opening up the box.  such a cool game!  we are going to celebrate drew's birthday, him being a dad soon and his new edition of the scrabble game this week! so many exciting things for the capener family!

to say we love mangoes would be an understatement.  
we are obsessed.
jack especially likes it when i cut them like so...
boring mango becomes a piece of art.
[or just easier to bite into]

for family night, jackson and i took a box and some crafts and started to make something out of it.
then once that clock rand 6:45pm, i had to get him to bed. 
he was bummed that we didn't finish...
so what did i do?
i stayed up until 2 something AM to finish it.
i got so far in over my head with the details.
velcro, hot glue gun and super glue was used.
i put it at the bottom of his slide so when he woke up to slide down, 
he we see it or slide into it!  
it was like christmas in september!
i was so giddy for him to wake up to it, it was hard to wait for him to wake up!
no, this is not a school project. 
i wish it were. no actually i wish he had those.
how fun would that be to help make big projects like this for your kids.
we might turn it into a halloween costume for a little church party but for now, 
it's his rocket out to space. that space in his imagination that gets him places.

it has been so fun to walk into his room with him sitting inside with his skateboard helmet on, 3-D glasses and talking to the people who live on MARS.

one of my dear friends is an actual artist. 
she lives on a huge hill in were her backyard is filled with many eclectic things like so...
two seats from the anahiem angels stadium. 
her husband is a VP of a company that is affiliated with them, so no, i'm not ratting her out but how random and AWESOME is that?  just sitting there like it ain't no thang!

she also showed me a sign that she makes for a lot of businesses and families.
i so want one.
if you do too, let me know and i can ask her.
she is really such a gifted and talented artist that uses these qualities wisely.
she helps out at the homeless shelter at least once a week, would do anything for anyone in need, and gives her pieces of art to many charities.
such a great and honorable example.

one of my cute clients has a daughter that is such a beauty.
she has never colored her hair and let me ombre it this last summer.
she was in shock for the first week but i just got this picture from her school pics and she said she loves it.  i think i could have made her hair mustard green and she would still be gorgeous but i love it when hair transforms a person and taps into their artistic side.
i can't believe she is only 15.

lego stores are almost as colorful as a two-second segment on yo gaba gaba.
my favorite part is always the wall with buckets of legos.
even better, when jack has to look through each bucket and tells me his favorite colors.
he loves color, but most especially red - anythings.

i work part-time in a very artistic city.
so artistic that it's mostly lefties.
i actually stopped at the GOP office there and put this bumper sticker on the back of my car.
it really was the fifth most bravest thing i have ever done.
you have got to educate yourself and then stand for something, right?

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