september beginnings

some things as of late.
jack is loving pool days. 
this day we played...
"swim like _______. "
he portrayed a penguin, an olympian, a snake, a shark, a nemo, a worm, an alligator and so many more. 
he was pretty tired and wrinkly as you can see from this.  

jackson is one happy boy.
this is part of his nightly routine.
so happy with his bed! 

the other day we didn't get a chance to go to the beach so we took the hose out and got creative.
he is always protecting his eyes near water.

we did make it to the beach. this guy caught many waves with brady by the pier.
what a stud muffin.
just watching his uncle blake's volleyball game.

more of the pool with the entire ward

loving this place

oh and now that school is in session, 
my friends did my hair.  it was such a great feeling sitting in that chair, coming out with some pretty nice hair.  it has been at least 6 months since anyone has done it so it was nice to switch things up.  

every september i try to keep the tradition i started years ago of 
"people appreciation"
since isaac's birthday is the first and i try to do service at the hospital, or make blankets for the orphanage or something like that, i decided to appreciate someone all month.  since sept. 11, i have really strived to make it a point to keep it going.  i really do enjoy serving others so i serve a little more each day but do something that is something i wouldn't normally do.

i gave some of my friends i was seeing this day herbs with meaning in these mugs.

made jack's favorite pancakes with flax seed before school
sent some random postcards just because people are great

helped my good friend get ready for her wedding

helped with some politics stuff

ran to the store to grab some groceries for
 a person in need and made sure to get jack's favorite fruit

and then spent some pretty good and quality time with jack going through old pictures we have together.

september is a good month so far.
people are good people so they need to celebrated.

2 lovely notes:

Ben + Amanda said...

your hair is incredible!!! sooo beautiful. and I never comment on blogs anymore. So I must REALLY think it :) :P :)

likeschocolate said...

Happy September!


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