double ear infections

september 20th, my little bean started to cough.
it was a harmless cough but something i noted.
the next morning he wasn't coughing too hard but enough where i questioned his attendance at school.
i took him since he said he was fine.
30-45minutes later i got a call from the office. 
he had a bad cough.
i stayed home with him and tended to his cough and tried to 
keep him from having to fly for the weekend.
he still had to fly hundreds of miles coughing pretty hard.
he was sick all that weekend and then came off the plane throwing up!
i set up an appointment on monday - the earliest he could be seen.

to our dismay... 
double ear infections, a bad cough and some film in his sinuses.
so sad! 
he sat in the office so patient as he was being examined.
i told him this was the same room he came to when 
he was only two days old and tiny tiny.
she ran some tests, one being an oxygen test.
after, she administered an oxygen treatment.
he once again sat there so patient for a while.. 
breathing through the dragon.
to keep him entertained, he took pictures.
this was the only non-blurry one.
we were able to go through all the major organs in the body, book, 
as well as all the pamphlets he was being tested for.

after those two hours, we wondered over to pick up his prescription.
to keep him entertained, he tried on glasses, 
acted like an elderly man in front of an elderly man and
 then tested his blood pressure for that hour.
such a patient and happy boy, despite what he had.
sure do love him!

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