summer is still not over

it has been extremely warm lately. 
we have been finding every opportunity to get outside and have fun.
whether it be at the pool, the beach, soccer outside on the fields, we are trying to stay cool.

on this particular tuesday, jack had early-day out so we met friends at the beach!
it really couldn't have been a more beautiful day!
lots of my girlfriends i grew up with throughout the years were there with their babies to celebrate a few of our friend's birthdays.
one of my friends has a daughter that waited at the shore for jack to come ride a wave in.
it was adorable! 
jack didn't want to talk to her much but i'm sure he liked the attention.
my bestie, Jess came down with her three boys.
those boys look up to jack so i constantly remind him to use his manners, be a good example and choose the right.  these boys follow him around, dig when he digs, and wait for jack by the shore with me and his mom while jack surfs.

we stayed for a long time...
but still that amount of time, just wasn't enough.
this pic is mid question of jack, "why can't summer stay?"
i guess half day at the beach wasn't long enough.

we love the prices!  so glad this day worked!
she is an amazing mom and such a great example of a hard working, sacrificing mom.
we barely have time to see one another and when we do, it's with our kids but we decided we will have lots of time later when life isn't fully consumed with our kids.
something about having a friend that's been around since we were their age and when you can see yourself growing as friends when we are all old and wrinkly, sure is a great thing!

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