san diego

the three of us went south to san diego.
brady had a M.D. conference down there and went to classes to learn further more about specific surgeries and cases he will come across or some he already has encountered.  
he loved it.  he said it was so nice to be back in a classroom setting where he can be listening to lectures, take notes and learn more.  what a stud.
he came back with notes and a great energy about it all. 

while he was there, i had the opportunity to spend a portion of the morning at the san diego temple.
it is absolutely gorgeous in there.
my friend kate was sealed to her husband -- such a great experience.
right after, i picked my little man up from my grandparent's beach house down the street.
he went to the beach,
then to their hotel's pool they have a membership at and then, 
my grandpa took jack to get some food.  
all in a few hours.
what a fun morning.
when i came to grab him, he was falling asleep in the hammock.
as we were leaving, i asked them if they knew of a place i could bring my car to get it washed...
instead of telling me, grandpa gets out the hose and starts hosing it down!
grandma gets her towels and starts scrubbing.
i know right? nicest and hardest working grandparents.
we were able to stop by the mormon battalion down in old town.
they have remodeled the place.
it a cool presentation they do.
brady even knew our guide!

Juan and Jack being soilders

my sweet boys mined for "gold"

this picture had me changing since it looks like i'm wearing football pads.

loved going into the jewish temple up the street.
it was so old and artistic.

we found a park to play ball and take a cat nap at.
these were some of our neighbors at the beach.
brady was playing with his new nice camera on us.
jack mohawked his hair from the ocean.

i'm covering my fever blister -- too much sun.

what a handsome guy.
he is the sweetest guy ever.

jack threw some rocks and brady nerded out on his camera while i watched the sunset.
jack loved meeting this guy.

as jack was eating his broccoli, we caught him checking his muscles.
perfect timing.

can't get enough of good mexican food.

oh and too much ice cream.
jack got a mini, i got one scoop and he got three.
i always wonder how he maintains his slender physique with his sweet tooth.
we both felt sick since each scoop was HUGE but you have to live a little right?

it was such a good time in san diego!

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