a little bit of this and that

conversations with jackson:

showing me the characters on his shirt

the skylanders

he is reading me a book. a book he wrote and illustrated himself.

oh i love this bug so much.

another time

easter basket spoiler!

more skylanders

more reading a book

brady and i went to the los angeles temple 
it was a great night together.

we also wanted to finally do the Hollywood Hike
so we got there early and started up the hill.
we parked at the dirt parking lot next to the signs directing us up towards the trail.
we found one lookout spot... that apparently was very bright, indeed.
we thought that was it. a simple 300 meters hike, but no there was a trail waiting for us to explore.
so we walked further.

not a lot of people were up there on the hike.
just some people here and there.
such a beautiful day!

view of LA by my sweety

if you ever do this hike, make two lefts... otherwise you will not make it to the sign.

more talking to jackson
showing me his teeeef

brady and i went to culver city to do some stairs.

it was busier than we are use to.
this view is the best.

it was our good friends birthday so i made him a cake.  
it was pretty lopsided...

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