jack's last week in san clemente (part two)

more of tuesday....
jack helped me carry all of his science fair items into school

while he went to class, i set it up in the multi-purpose room

when i picked up the carpool, the boys were being boys.
so i caught it on camera, just for memory.
then it was science fair time!
jackson and i sat on the floor next to dillon while the ocean institute gave their presentation.
jackson won!  so that made his night.

they tie-dyed shirts too!

a few highlights...
when i was walking out to the car with jack for school, i came across an envelope with our names on it.
on the other side said, "Say Hi to Mickey for us! We love you!"
inside the envelope was enough money to take jackson to disneyland and extra for food, parking etc.
it was the nicest, most unexpected anonymous generosity we have received.
at jackson's going away party i was telling a few of my friends how badly jackson wanted to go to disneyland and how money has been tight so i wouldn't be able to take him. not sure who all donated to this envelope, but it really was incredibly sweet.
i didn't tell jackson until he came home from school.

i helped out in his classroom

after school, 
we did a little wii dance...

we played with his friends
then i asked him where i could take him for dinner.
he said he wanted ihop.
ihop it was.
we brought homework, legos, his memory game and the book about the presidents.

loved spending time together.

i brought jackson to school
then after school, i took him to disneyland!

he wasn't a fan of the rollarcoaster

under a tree... for lunch

he was getting tired....

cars land!
he won a bunch of stuffs

tired legs

it was such a fun day together! i am so grateful we got to spend it together.
it felt so nice to smile a lot all day despite what was happening.

i took jackson to school for the last day. 

he had his valentines with him...
pretty bummed out.
i picked him up, all ready to drive up north.

sleepy time for them both
jackson put his stuffts on brady.

one of our stops
right before he said, "this is the worst day of my life"
we tried to cheer him up.

the rest of the drive, i sat in the back with him, colored, sang songs, and put together his little binder that he can write his friends with pre-stamped and addressed envelopes.

i brought my family's photo book for jackson to look at while we drove.
he thinks he is his uncle's mini twin

and then we dropped him off.  
it was so hard.
the next day, brady and i explored old town sacramento together

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Smykolandia said...

I read and cried. I keep my finger crossed for you, especially for Jackson. Large task ahead for him - everything new. God that you have Brady.


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