past videos of JACK

the other day, the three of us got stuck watching past videos of jackson from when he was 3.  it was the best to see his personality back in the day.  we use to spend all day together.


  JINGLE BELLS: this one melts me everytime.  i remember my mom getting him this costume and he would wear it year round.  this is christmas time and he still has it on. he is 3 here:

this was just during the day together:

the day jackson learned how to swim!  i love this one!

there are three videos of this.  the first time i gave him pop rocks.  jackson wanted to watch these videos over and over again...
first video:

 number 3:

this video is when i took jack from the SFO airport to his daddy's studio. i use to stay in a hotel close by and watch jackson during the day sometimes so that he didn't have to be in day care. i loved this time together in the city.

we are at the golden gate park waiting for his dad who worked late this day, so we played!

we use to have sea world passes so i would take him once in a while.  we always had to stop at this jumpy house, even though the wait was longer than the time to jump, jack loved it. he also loved this cherrios shirt.

he showed me a song he learned:

this video of him is when he was 4, in his second year of his preschool class around november:

goblin halloween:

 two jacksons

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Rae said...

What a darling, special little guy you've got. :)


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