in the meantime

here are some more surprise ball hearts I made for one
 of my friends of a friend for her three boys and spouse.

i sent a tackle box over to some of our best friends who live all the way in Yakima.  they fish a lot and just got married so we wanted to send some love!

brady and i celebrated our two year anniversary!
we don't need a lot of glam and fancy things, so we stayed in, made dinner, watched a movie and made a gluten free pazooki.  it was nice.  cannot believe two years have passed.

jackers got my postcard!  oh he melts my heart.
on valentines day i got to see baby finn.
then worked a little, then brady drove down to my salon to surprise me with flowers he put together himself, a sweet gift and we re-did our first date in laguna beach.

we brought dinner down to the montage in laguna beach and added playing skip-bo to our anniversary date by candlelight.  it was pretty romantic and simple, just how we like it.
we spent more  time this week together.
we explored this new area that has lots of parks and cool places to live.  
he is just the best. love both of my boys.

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