presidents day weekend with JACK!

this weekend we had jackson for three days - 
brady and i picked him up from the airport.
over the loud speaker right when he got off the plane he announced, 
"Hi Mom! This Is Jackson!  I am here and cannot wait to see you!  Happy Valentines Day Mommy!  I love you to Pluto and Back!!!"
it was the cutest thing. 
he ran up to me, jumped on me with the biggest hug.  i am always on the verge of tears in these moments.  he skipped and danced around me.  he was so happy. 

saturday morning we played outside, jackson played with his best buddies.
then brady came down and we went to the beach.

both brady and jackson went for a swim in the 50 degree cold water!  

we played soccer on the beach, spelled our names in rocks, dug, played, skipped rocks.
after jackson and brady wanted pedros so we grabbed some lunch and found a spot above all of san clemente to picnic.

brady had his nice camera and took some fun ones.

what sun flare?

awkward family photo potential:

we went to the pool after for a little dip.  this picture is after everyone cleared out but a lot of jackson's friends were down at our pool.

on sunday we flew rockets after church.
jackson and brady love this stuff!

jack doing it himself!

here is jack running to get it!  he was so excited to go get it himself.

three rocket launches for the day!

family came over for dinner and dessert and marshmallow fight.
we played games together 
and then monday was a little rainy but we still went on a bike ride, jackson played with his buddies and we drove up to LA for his flight.  Both Brady and i got pretty sad when we said goodbye to him.  he is such a good, sweet little boy that we love dearly.  adjusting to these changes are so unnatural.

we loved having jackson here with us for three whole days.

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