this is a weekend i will never ever forget.
brady took me to newport beach to take a walk on the beach. we saw this house above, he had me take pictures of it and said it was a good idea of what kind of house we may want to live in someday.
we walked down the boardwalk and he had a few people take pictures of us on the pier.

a couple different people took our picture.
brady bought a new outfit for our date.

we had a romantic dinner on the roof of rubys.
i had a feeling he was up to somethin'

we walked to the arcade, played our favorite game, skee ball, walked around the harbor...
the next day we watched general conference, worked out, watched another session, he went to priesthood, we went to dinner, rented a movie...
the next morning he woke me up at 5am and told me to keep my eyes closed for the entire drive.
he had me follow a trail of votive candles all the way to the beach where we had our first date.
he had breakfast that was all themed from spain. he went to spain for a month and loved their breakfast there. he gave me a photobook of our past two years... it was so romantic... a poem he wrote and tons of memories in a beautiful hardcover book. 
i asked him why he made me it, he said, "i just love you so much and thought it would be nice to have a book of all of our memories together. we have been together over two years now and i wanted to do something fun for you."
i was amazed.
not expecting anything, but he has me open another small box. 
it was this ring!!!
he proposed!  
i was shocked! 
he had made this ring out of the gold he has at his dental school, made the mold himself of my finger and then gave this to me as my wedding band. he told him he had my wedding ring still in the process of getting made but this ring would be on my left hand until then!
i couldn't think of a more romantic and perfect way he did it.
i cried. i cried because i have never though i could ever be so happy. pure happiness.
every part of my body was smiling. 
i love him so much and am excited to be sealed to him forever.
excited to take on his last name and be his wife. 
we work so well together... never have we argued, had a disagreement, we are best friends, we both don't like confrontation, we come from similar family backgrounds, we love each other so so much and understand each other.  it has been nothing but a dream that i never thought would become a reality. i couldn't be more excited to get ready to share everything with this wonderful man. 
 i feel truly blessed and fortunate.

i may have starred at my hand the whole drive home.  
the drive back we were glowing.

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Smykolandia said...


lauren brimley said...

I'm so beyond happy for you!!

Skye said...

i adored reading about your engagement....so sweet. thrilled for you!


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