remember when...

brady and i met at the same friend's birthday party.
that is where we officially spoke to one another!

february 13, 2011
we even got a picture of our first night
 i flew off to get jackson and got a picture of it on valentines day

we all went to disneyland, you and justin made this for me at the lego store
suspenders, glasses and candy later...

we went on our first date under the stars
and it was romantic and fun.

we were just beginning to date and went to san diego via train from LA, saw a Padres game, got matching shirts, walked around Seaport Village

you tried Romanos for the first time!

i made us a picnic as we watched the la jolla fliers

you tried Yard House for the first time and you loved it!

one weekend, jackson and i were flying out together and you picked us up for the airport. you had made me and jackson our own dinners, brought us our favorite drinks and you
even made me brownie edges and then, right there, i knew i loved you.
jack would draw pictures and you were already in them.

one night we went to disneyland again, and took jack this time.

you also ran into yogurtland and spent $9 on both of our yogurts.
you got exactly what i wanted.

we went camping at trails 6 with the family!
we went surfing, got donuts.

we went whale watching...
and then walked around newport, played games,  you and jack had the biggest snow cone
and then went to that newport wedding reception and played in the photobooth.

that was just the beginning. 2011

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