illume gowns!

the talented sarah sanburg has an amazing wedding dress company called
i had a list of everything i could dream of for a wedding dress and she made it happen. 
it is so difficult to find a tasteful, conservative wedding dress so going to her was completely stress-free.
she talked to me about what i was looking for, paid much attention to my wants, my needs, my taste and helped me pick out the best dress. i could not have imagined a more perfect wedding dress.
i love the names she picked out for her collection.
each dress is layered many times, modest, fabric from all over the world, 
each carefully crafted to suit any girls' style and desire.  
since i am getting married soon, i chose one from her collection instead of creating a custom dress and she posted it on her instagram.  
i feel so honored that i get to wear one of her dresses!
which one do you think i will choose?

1 lovely notes:

Skye said...

can't wait to see which one you ended up getting...you'll be such a beautiful bride!


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