last day of spring break together

the time with jackson was so wonderful.
i treasured every moment with him.
he got very sad when i had to take him towards the airport.
usually he will nap on the way up to LAX but this time he stayed up, talking to me about how badly he misses being home.  it broke my heart but i stayed strong for him. i explained to him that we all have to get shots. shots aren't fun but we all need to get them so we don't get sick and so others don't get sick.
i explained that everyone has to go through trials. everyone.
i told him this is his trial and he is learning at such a young age how to become strong with muscles so he will be able to help others in his future.  i told him his friends someday will have to go through trials as well but at different times.
he really grasped onto that and said, "mommy, if going through this will help my friends, then it's okay if i have to get shots."
oh melt my heart. 
i love our heart to hearts.
when i brought him to the gate, he held onto me so tightly and balled right there in the airport. it was the saddest thing.  i have never seen him loose it so much. he was hystrically crying.  people around us were looking. i held him close, told him how much i love him and had to say goodbye.  it felt like 100 knives went through my body saying goodbye and watching my sweet boy who had tears still streaming down his cheeks, walk away.

(before we drove all the way up, we met up with jess and the twins at boomers)

here he is saying a prayer as we are walking towards to the airport so that fuzzy face and wuzzy don't die when going through the X-rays!  he put them inside an empty easter egg.
oh i love this faithful boy.
so so so so much!

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