so engaged

planning a wedding is a lot of fun but also a lot of work.
how exciting it is to be planning a life with someone you will be with forever...
it's really an indescribable feeling.  we have learned even more about each other in this process of planning a wedding.

for example:
we registered at a few places...
one being target. he is very, very practical. 
i on the other hand have a non-practical side...
he wanted to get the bare minimum and the least expensive.
he would spend 25 minutes on the plate isle reading about each set, quality, look...
while he was there, i took the gun to get an E.P.T. test, a few camping necessities and probably 15 other things in that same amount of time.  he then ended up reviewing it, realizing he had some work editing it when we got home :)
balance in a relationship is good.
we are always so good with reaching a compromise where we are both happy with how we are.
{the diet coke cases have now been removed}
during our four-hour trip to target, i was trying to break in new shoes for the wedding rehearsal dinner we got the week previous.  my feet started to hurt during the first 5 minutes of walking around that he sweetly switched my shoes with his so he could help me break them in.  
he was so cute. i almost lost it by laughing at his danty feet and my water ski flip flops but then would look over at him not caring what people thought and kept thinking, how i have lucked out.
he is my lobster (friends reference)

we have so much more to do everyday to prepare for the wedding.
i want this celebration to be everything brady has dreamt of within our small budget. 
i think it will be.  we have so many great, wonderful and lovely friends who are overflowing with talent, so it will be incredible.

we feel blessed.

right before my sister elise did our engagement pictures, 
brady gave me this ring! 
we custom designed it together and it came out perfectly.  
it's rose gold with diamonds on the sides and a halo around the center.  
it's as small as the band could get.
i cannot stop staring at it.
it is so fun to wear it. i catch myself just looking at it or being surprised when i see it on the left side.  
sweet finn baby came to the shoot. 

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