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fourth of july:
it was very nice.  we spent the day at church, then lunch as a family and then headed over to our family friend's house in laguna.  we had a BBQ and then watched the fireworks from the sand.  jackson thought the fireworks were going to get him!  it was a really nice fourth.
one of my favorite holidays.

have you been to the great american park in irvine?
if you have ever seen the big orange balloon off the freeway, it's worth stopping by.
the area is where the old military base was but now an area where people go to see history, planes, firetrucks and the free orange balloon.
it was this park's 15 year anniversary so it was a carnival.
i remember when orange county was trying to vote for this area to be an airport.
that just seems silly... two airports across from each other....

i also started to run more, faster and longer distances.  i got injured a month or two ago.  my arches are too high so when i step, they collapse.  my podiatrist said all the years of dancing effects my running as well but got some handy-dandy inserts so the running high is back.  i ran tonight for 8 miles and wanted to run more but it got too late.  i love this running bug.  my bum may not fit in a lot of my pants anymore but i love that feeling of running on new paths, reaching new goals and gearing up for this marathon.  i have this idea that after this marathon, i can do anything.  it's paying off for sure.  i feel like i am a better mom if i run at least 30 - 40 miles a week.  more energy, more concentration and endurance.

my mom's friends are running the same marathon as me + my friends and they told me about a book they read to help them get through their other marathons.  you run one mile, walk for a minute.  i'm going to try this sometime soon.  i have a path that goes from a beach far down south to my house which is 20 miles.  i will do it next weekend... sounds crazy.

i just learned how to to the brazillian blowout.  i am waiting for my bottles and am ready to start dishing that service out.  it's pretty amazing.

other than that, i do so many do's that i'm all dooed out by night time. 
i love it though.  

a few of my friends and i went up to pasadena for the IMATS.

it was pretty overwhelming to be around so many makeup artists.  it reminded me of going to a car show without the cars.  people were shoving their products at us, spraying us with self tanner when walking by, perfumes, moisturizer, etc.   not sure if i would go again but it was cool to try it out.

i had the opportunity to be behind the scenes for a photoshoot for a new short shorts company called YIMPS.  it was rad organizing models, hairstylists and makeup artists.


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Anonymous said...
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Matt said...

Hey ML, thanks for all your help! & thanks for posting this!

Anonymous said...


Claire Kiefer said...

OMG so much to say about this post!!
1. I go to the OC pretty regularly cause one of my best friends lives in Irvine. I love the beaches down there! Ours in SF are pretty, but as I'm sure you know, the water is COLD!

2. I've been coveting a Brazilian blowout for weeks now--I want one SO bad--but I just can't afford it! One of my good friends just got one and her hair looks amazing . . . I might have to sell plasma or a kidney or something but one of these days, I'll make it happen!

3. Is the running book you're talking about The Galloway Method? I haven't read it, but I've heard about it, and it sounds right up my alley since running isn't my favorite thing in the world. :)

That last picture is so cute--love your dress!


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