a little man's point of view

his version of the 4th of july.
i have learned that
giving your kid a camera is a good way to keep him busy 
let him explore his artistic abilities
and always fun to see the results.

quick update:
he is still wearing diapers to bed despite the size being basically a small adult's depends size!
jack is loving bandaids despite their purpose
loves meatballs despite me raising him vegetarian
loves cuddling despite my expectation of him not wanting to at this age
still talking everyone's ears off despite how much you want to hear or not
i face-painted him this week into a tiger and it won't come completely off despite the rubbing
we say toy story 3 together and we loved it! {he told me to put on my red dress and put my hair down!} i didn't, despite his request
he still wants me to find a daddy for him so i can give him a sister despite my procrastination
he thinks june bugs are as ugly + scary as spiders despite what i told him
says this word since someone taught him...

{my friend carolyn did this with her friends}

he is here...
{photo by ryan muirhead}

i dropped him off tonight.
sharing a kid is so hard.
especially right now when he has so much of his world to share.

so while he's gone i'll be catching up on this:

3 lovely notes:

Anonymous said...


Liese said...

I love all of your posts Melissa! You're just so great!

anna said...

such a sweet post about your little guy. i don't know you at all but i love reading your stories about jackson. i have two little boys that are 15 months apart and it's so hard sometimes to just let them be boys because they run me ragged. you help me to appreciate the little boys they are.


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