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i hope everyone has been enjoying their weekend!  mine has really been exhausting but i feel loyal to my promises of posting jack's birthday pictures.  not necessarily for my readers but for my memory's sake.  i do love having these posts for my family's record because as most of you know, i have very bad short-term memory.  so crazy i was emptying out my pictures from my old old phone and found pictures i don't remember taking.  sad huh.  that's okay though i get over things pretty quickly... i blame it on the short-term memory... right...

okay enough of my ramblings.

so here it goes:

the night before his party we were getting all the details together, blowing up his floaties and getting the gift bags stuffed.  we blew up this "lazy lounge" for grown children between the ages of three and eight.  the picture on package were two kids laying belly-down across these floaties.
when we were done blowing them up, this is what came of it...

straight up false advertising.
but we couldn't stop laughing about it.

jade + taylor. little twins (not really) but born only a few days apart and act like sisters.

my mom made this. so sweet.

i can't take much credit for this cake other than baking it.
wendy thought of doing a 3-D mr. potato head and then lindsay decorated him.  
{adults cake... chocolate... yum}

 for the kids i made them these sprinkles cooked inside the batter, vanilla-almond cupcakes.  i started out thinking they would be little bo peep cupcakes but then i couldn't resist throwing army men all around them and putting colorful candles with car-like flags that said "4" atop.             
{i'm suppose to be jesse from toy story but you can't really tell}

birthday boy and boston!
joseph! so full of energy...making it up for his twin...
daniel!  so sweet.  he just hung out.
jackson and his favorite person ever... cousin micah!  his best friend!
i asked micah around this picture time why he was so dark and his reply, "i'm just a brown baby auntie melis!" 
sweet baby dane!  he loved the buzz balloon and the "hot pool!"
jadey bug!  she is so funny.  just followed the boys around.
tay west sharking the boys!
the spilsbury boys came! so fun.
the bowthrope boys!  so sweet!  
their little brother boston.  he is the smiliest baby i've ever seen but of course the one i snapped he wasn't smiling with his teethless grin.  i want to take him home.
hahaha the boys with the "floatie"
they made imprints on their peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  all sorts of shapes.
i want to make these pictures into a flip book. 

he makes me want all little boys to have hair like his! perfect hair.
jack lucked out and got spoiled with so many sweet gifts.  he loves his first football, his razor, the squirt guns, the clothes and other fun toy-story things like the slip-n-slide.  let's face it, i'll probably be using that slip-n-slide more than him.
we sang happy birthday to jackson but the candles didn't stay lit so we moved over...

... and finished singing him the song with mr. potato head.
while he is still holding a cupcake!

it was such a great birthday party. 
so grateful for those that came to help us celebrate.

jackson talks about being four almost every chance he can throw it in a conversation.
i'll give a proper update about him soon enough.  it's about time.

4 lovely notes:

likeschocolate said...

What a darling birthdday cake! It looks like the party was a huge sucess with the smiles on everyones faces. Happy Birthday! 4 year olds are the best! You are in for a great year.

Aubrey said...

What a fun/creative birthday party! Jackson is one lucky 4 year old. :)

Annie Cristina said...

Happy Birthday, Jackson! Looks like a great time was had by all.

P.S.) Enter my giveaway! :)

JKA said...

Fun party! lucky boys!!


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