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he is great in concert if you get a chance to see him in your town

the best compliment i have received was given to me this weekend.
i was at the grocery store with jackson and playing games with him
while we waited in line.

we have our own way of playing like no one is in the room.
he's my little buddy and i'm his best friend.

a lady standing in the line parallel to us taps my shoulder and says something like,
"i have never seen a mother be so interested in her child as you.  you can just tell how much you both love each other."

i wouldn't say that's true, because there are far greater mothers out there than myself but i took that compliment and thanked her graciously 
then wore it all over my face the rest of the evening with my little dude.
its just me and my little buddy.

{here are some pictures my dad took of us when we went to the beach a few weeks ago to surf}

7 lovely notes:

The Brenon Bunch! said...

these are BEAUTIFUL! Melissa he is adorable and you are gorgeous! I love these, they made me smile :)

JKA said...

love the dusk lighting... awesome!

Rad Rachel said...

Ah seeing these pictures makes me miss the beach, a lot! You two are adorable. You can tell there is a very special connection with you and Jack. One that more people should have. You're a good role model to many!

Daile Wilson said...

I think my heart just melted. Loving the mother son photos!

Aubrey said...

These pictures are to die for Melis! I love them!!!

Sarah said...

You are so sweet to Jackson, it's awesome to see you two together.

Kristin said...

Ooo I LVOE all the close-ups of you and your boy loving each other. So much that I couldn't even get the letters in the right order. :)


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