if you give a mel a muffin.

i finally committed like the masses.
i have an iphone.
my extremely smart IT friend hacked into it and now it's my network-friendly.
poor guy had to hear me "ew and ah" about all the little things it came with.

it was almost as if i have never had owned a phone before. he would randomly laugh at how excited i was; as if i was experiencing the internet for the first time.


you know that book
"if you give a moose a muffin"??
well if you aren't familiar, it's a book that if you give a moose a muffin, he wants butter to go with it...
then after he has his butter he needs a plate to put the muffin on, then wants to sit down to enjoy this muffin, so while he is sitting he realizes he wants to read.... this abstraction loiters on for a while.
totally a concept you can apply to many things.

oh that steve jobs.  he sucks you in with that catchy apple.  it's sleek, simple and small.
then he lures you in with the small, slender ipod.  makes it easy to use, download music and then markets it well with catchy billboards of colors.  then he got me with the laptop last year.  
it seems like every guy i have dated has had one and make it look so easy to use.  my sister has had one for photography.
photobooth.  too. dang. funny.  okay i am outdated.  but really i thought it was funny two years ago when everyone was asking me where i have been.
so i get one.  life changed.
i had to get the phone.
what's next?
oh now the ipad?
not yet. 
but you give me a macintoish and not teach me {aka: i am american so i don't read the manuals} 
so i have to go into the stores often then ...
and then talking to the nerdy same-colored-can't look at you in the eye techy guys who know every thing you want to know about all your "stuff" becomes slightly attractive so you want to come more often to these stores so you can get help and then you get sucked into more apples in your basket.

so i bum-dial people, i mute phone calls when smiling, have only a few numbers, hate texting, jackson is better at navigating around the phone + uploading aps than i am, somehow i managed to upload the stocks ap while it was in my purse, can't use the speaker phone, have a thick-finger complex now .... BUT i still like it. at least i figured out how to take these...

okay so getting down to business and doing some research, i want to personalize it.
no not bedazzle it. gross.

i need some input...

which wallpaper do you like best:
swissmiss grid app
i have a good feeling this site can upload patterns or something
katie kirk alice in wonderland inspired 

do people not have this?

i have no apps.
i need games for jack and figure out how to upload the movies from my computer.

this whole apple lifestyle is easier yet more confusing because i am so behind.
thank you steve jobs for making me want more apples.
i really didn't know how hungry i was.

3 lovely notes:

Elise said...

we bought them too! we're just waiting for the them to come in the mail!

Annie Cristina said...

Yay for iPhones! I love mine. :)

jenn said...

i just got an iphone about a month ago. it's just another timesuck for me, i play all the nerdy word games all the time! and know i am one of those people that twitters probably too much.


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