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today jackson turned four!  
i was driving home from my friends house and remembered exactly four years ago at that time (around 12something am) he was born.  he made the cusp of the 8th of august 2006.

i remember that night in the hospital being so mellow and excited to meet him.  he was such a laid back baby.  he had a full head of black long hair and beady eyes with tan skin.  i remember being so emotional when the doctors gave him to me for the first time.  i loved him instantly.

so he is not with me today, but in his honor i am eating his favorite candy (sour patch kids + gummi sharks gluten free style)

i miss him but sharing this kid is part of the deal.  i have been trying my best to download all of his videos from the past.  i have no idea how to edit them and so they are most likely boring to most but for those that haven't met him
meet jack:
singing jingle bells

there are more i will eventually upload but that is one of them.  i watched the push-ups movie enough times to make me heart-sore.

so here are some fun little-say-anythings about jack lately:

::  the other night i came home from a really long day of doing hair and was really tired.  he was super cute and got my pajamas, and water, and tucked me into bed.  he read me a book + then we watched a movie together while he played with my hair!  such a nurturing little sweetheart.  grateful for this guy.

::  we have been practicing his letters of his name so whenever he sees any letters in any word he points it out and shouts it out like it must be known to everyone.

::  he tells me i am his favorite mommy "in 'da whole wide world"

::  while planning his party that was "toy story" themed, he kept asking me to do a car themed party.  we have done car parties or shark parties almost every year and day of his life.  so i said just this birthday let's do the movie you liked and saw three times.  he was cool with it.  while getting a few things for the decor, he found the pez isle.  when he saw the luke skywalkers, he said, "mom, let's get all my friends jesus pez."
... i'll post pictures from his party soon enough. totally slacking.

::  he thinks he is magic and that there is such thing as magic.  i read about this stage.  they go in this imagination period for a year or two. its fun fun fun!
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Anonymous said...
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Skye said...

happy birthday to adorable jackson!!!


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