more time

about a month or two ago i decided no more dating for the rest of the year.
not even one lunch date.  
i'm totally sticking to it.  
it's one of my favorite decisions i've made all year.

it's been so nice to be with jackson on the times i would have gone out and not having to find a babysitter... so great.
my friends lately say that time i was willing to accept thinking about being married again was small but i think it will come again far down the road.
i just want to make sure jackson is always my number one with every decision i am offered.  whatever is best for him and i. 

oh and i do have to say going to bed early is the bees knees. 

5 lovely notes:

JKA said...

well, whomever does get you, - down the road or tomorrow - is ONE LUCKY fella!!

ps merzy told me you do hair! how great! maybe i could pay ya to do my hair someday! i love your fantastic taste :)

Sarah said...

You are an incredible mom Melissa. Jackson is a lucky boy.

likeschocolate said...

You will know when it is right. Quality over quanity is much better both when spending time with children and dating. Jackson is lucky to have a mom who know what here first priority is. Maybe, the world would be a better place if all parents were like this.

anna said...

you are lovely.

na said...

I knew this one girl who had motto for this year that went like thus:

No Men Twenty-Ten

Except it just got her more and more men. Maybe a better approach would be:

I'm Dating All Men in Twenty-Ten

Then guys, being contrary, would be like, "Not me you aren't", unless of course that is what you're actually doing...


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