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this week has been busy with traveling back and forth to san francisco and other things that occupy me away from the computer. nonetheless, i do have some fun links since its friday!

people with food allergies! this website was made by my brother-in-law and his friend asher. they designed it so you etsy-ers can share your homemade foods!

the next party i throw, i'm totally doing this to the little things that are questionable and non-questionable.

one of my gorgeous brides got featured in a cute blog that is popular in the wedding biz. i feel special being a part of this day. they are a rad, rad couple with lots of unique style.

bracelets that are plated in felt. i like bracelets. perfect, simple accessory.

a good tie on a man, tells a lot. these ties can be designed by you. i know, for real.

i am into beds. i am into beds that work all day like so.

want to learn how to make paper accordion streamers? i know i did too. super duper cute and i kinda want to make them just because.

i love red quinoa. now you can learn how to properly cook it.

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Brynn said...

yay! this post is fun :)


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