easter was delightful

i've said this before and could say it again, sharing your child on the holidays will never feel normal but has to begin to feel a part of your life. i took jackson to san francisco. while we waited for the plane, we made bunnies and talked about easter.

on easter morning i had some food already prepared and then fixed the rest when we came home from church. all of us friends had our family in different states so i wanted it to be special. i made some ham that i dressed with some toppings i winged, some salad, some fancy eggs, rolls and other eastery things. it was a lot of fun to cook and decorate the table. i hid eggs for grown men and then had them all come downstairs. we ate a lot.
then ate some more. we then decorated some sugar cookies after the mini-strawberry cheesecakes, blew some bubbles and had a unexpected egg confetti fight!

the boys won!

i really don't think easter could have been more fun.
that night, i flew back to san francisco so that i could pick up jackson the next day.
i do have to add, the virgin terminal at SFO is brand new and amazing! i walked around by myself for a while to soak it up.
we then flew home to a pretty sunset.
a great easter weekend with some more details to come...

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