oh what a day this was.

today couldn't have been sweeter.
i have spent the past four days with jackson, knowing he would be gone for the weekend and today topped it off for one of my favorite.

it started off making breakfast together and lots of it! we had two helpings of oatmeal.
we then headed over to the dentist for jackson's first visit!

he figured out how to take pictures of himself...

just waiting in the waiting room.

so excited!
i had the job of pressing the button for the x-rays.
he loved it! no cavities!

2 lovely notes:

Lisa Harris said...

He LOVED the dentist?? Wowzers. I can't get my girls to not cry and the man in their mouths are either an uncle or their dad.
Jackson is the cutest!

likeschocolate said...

Congratulations on no cavities. He is becoming such a little man. Stop growing Jackson and stay a little boy.


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