friday friday friiiiday

so this post has finally come. i apologize for how lame i have been about posting. it turns out life gets busier and busier. weird. this weekend is going to be filled with a date with jackson on friday night, a night on the town and a bunch of catching up.
so here are some friday posts for ya!

+++ orange cream-cicle shoes + vintage = amazing. the price, not so amazing. nonetheless, worth a look.
+++ if you don't have time to make homemade mother's day cards, let them make them for you. viola! i'm tempted.
+++ want to see a mullet house? business in the front, party in the back! san francisco home.
+++ your next baby shower gift. boom! i am doing it. i would love these!
+++ a modern barn can be seen here. nifty.
+++ so the other day i was going to start making pillows again for my couch and then, thankfully found this site. i no longer have to make my fingers bleed, search for the fabric i like and spend countless hours past my bedtime working on them when i want them to look like this.
+++ i really enjoyed this music video.

have a nice weekend!

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