san francisco last week

here is a quick summary of our last trip to san francisco...

almond joy :: erin elton :: in-n-out :: pier 33 :: ghiradehlli square :: cousin's haircuts :: giants fans everywhere :: perfect weather :: walked 4 miles with 14 kids by myself whilst looking for the right dock :: garlic french fries:: ate a whole pint of almonds :: cutest old couple on the boat...

then went to alcatraz with family and friends

took an old bus around fishermans and then a bunch of taxi's back to the game because we were tired.

being at the at&t park was amazing. it was so full of giant spirit and dodgers rivalry. we went with 35 other people in our group of friends and family. i was totally head to toe wrapped in a thick blanket.
a ton of seagulls came to watch the game with us. it was pretty neat.
such a fun day here.

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