train ride with my buddy

to come home from san francisco, i surprised jackson with a train ride along the coast. it was such a fun experience for us both. some would say 12 hours sitting next to their child would test patience, especially when you are use to quick hour flights but i must say this was something i hope he never forgets.
i woke him up at 5am...
we never get donuts but this morning i treated him to his sprinkles.
... i totally got him a train hat and new shirt. couldn't resist.

the railroad tracks were being repaired so part of our trip was on a charter bus.
we got to hang out, hold hands, eat swedish fish, talk about sharks and draw pictures.
the train from santa barbara was so fun! that station was really pretty. jack was so excited that people around us came over to talk to him about it. it was really sweet.
i sort of got the butterflies.
this little masterpiece he made on the train. he came up with all the people on the train and said, "these are all the people i wanted to be on the ride with us"... oh and he said he is the conductor. of course :)


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