28 is great

my birthday eve, brady surprised me.
he came down and went to dinner with my family and i.
he had something up his sleeve ...
he put this on my bed and left.
i opened it first thing in the morning at 6am.
this is what he said:

we love watching wheel of fortune together or jeopardy (are we old?)
so this was fun for us both --- him putting it together and me trying it out.

i spelt texes and barbaque 
i have never spelled out BBQ i guess.
i dropped jackson off for school and then
linds met me for breakfast at one of the most charming places...
ramos house cafe in san juan capistrano.
it is the cutest place.
it is an old house that a family lives in and has a restaurant in.

after we met my mom, sister and finn to go shopping.
they were so sweet and got me a dress, boots, shirts etc.
we wished bree was there!
she posted this picture of us.
my mom posted this one


we went to lunch at pf changs and then went back home to get our kids 
from being done with school.  
jackson and i hung out, watched a movie together and cuddled. 
it was raining.
my favorite.

brady surprised us with telling us we were going to medieval times in anahiem!
we were on the red knight's team!
brady was so sweet to get our tickets and dinner.
we loved it!
just eating with our hands.
totally normal.

jack and i got really into cheering for the 
red knight when he was battling the last knight.
jack loved it!

jack took this one.
brady took a ton with his nice camera in the king seats, 
jack with the red knight and us cheering.

he drove us home, being all cute and making my birthday the best.
he worked all day at the dental school and hospital and then surprised me with dinner with my friends later that night.
jack spent the evening reading 6 books with my mom and dad before he went to sleep at 7 so he was excited to have his time with my parents while we left at 6:30.

the sandys and ferrills came
and the other couples got caught in the rain/traffic.

i love country dancing, and talk about how badly i have wanted to go so brady researched this place called "in cahoots" for us to go.
it was so much fun! 
we want to go again, but after we you tube texas two step, learn it and go.

the birthday surprises weren't over...
i know right? he is perfect.
he got me a bike!!!
he had a conference for dental implants so jackson and i went on a bike ride the next morning.
jack wanted to pack a picnic, so we did.
he said he likes treating me how brady does, so he surprised me with a picture he drew for me and grabbed me a water bottle and carrots for our picnic. what a sweetheart!!
so grateful for brady being such a great example to jack.
i love my bike and love the birthday celebrations from family and friends.

this picture melts me.
he is such a sweetheart.

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