election time

jack and i had a little presidential election party/study time
we went over all the past presidents
played pom pom basketball 
and talked about who we wanted to win.

my dad was invited to boston for the election
this is his view!

the news broke.
i am devastated.
my dad says,

"the people made their choice.
i would be much more bummed if i know we all didn't try our hardest and give our all."
such good men.
i still have so many emotions about this
questions about it.
why america didn't see how presidential mitt is.
or how the past four years hasn't been easy on ANYONE i know.
but as devasted as i am and people have expressed to me,
i respect my leaders regardless.

my dad from our tv view.
brady gave me a bag full of chocolate and my diet coke from when he brings them home from the hospital. what a sweetie i have.
jack was so bummed about "barrrack obama" that i found him devouring chocolate covered almonds when he was suppose to be finding his pajamas.

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