brady and i drove to arizona right after he got
 back from working at the USC dental school.
we stopped at in-n-out quickly.
we always order the same thing:
he: double double animal style with fries and water
me: protein with everything, pickles, no onions and ketchup.... gross huh.
we arrived so late to the Nielsens beautiful home and the entire family surprised us!
thanksgiving was the best!
here are just a few highlights:
last year we played football, this year we played football.
i love how much fun his family has.

we went mountain biking in the superstition mountains
colby is the pro so he showed us around
we saw a movie in 3-D
went to lunch at eggingtons
went to dinner
had lost of bahama bucks
we ate lots of sweets
played pokemon
played hide-n-go-seek with the entire family in the dark for jack
we traced jack
we played four corners
we played ticket to ride
the boys played risk
we hung out with nelly
we played the name game
i love this family!

1 lovely notes:

Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

That is crazy with Brady and Taylor looking so much alike. I didn't see it until you pointed it out! So glad you had a fantastic Thanksgiving!


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