H U L K and B L A C K  W I D O W

we really liked the avengers
and we really like figuring out new costumes, 
so last minute we threw this together.
we used green face paint to make him HULK

we went over to my childhood friend's parent's house where all of us close friends that grew up together all met for halloween festivities of chili and corn bread.
i didn't get many pictures from that night since we were all catching up, but it was good to see most of our friends there.
there is a street in san clemente that is packed with fun things every year, so we went there.

we bumped into my little brother as a hipster trick or treating

the houses were decked to the nines.
they must have storage units for how much halloween decor was out on each house.

jack had me pose just like the black widow
and wanted my nail polish to be exactly like hers.

little asher eating skittles as a panda!

we did a lot of trick or treating with the mcdonald's! 
avery was a can can girl!
so cute.

this house has a band play every year.

little liam as a lion who growled every time you asked him what the lion says

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